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How It All Began

When James Jo, former Marine Corps veteran, launched Clara’s New York back in 2018, his goal was to share his beliefs with as many people as possible. James believes that clean, natural, cruelty-free skin care should not be only a trend that comes and goes but a lifestyle that stays with you your whole life.

Family Always Comes First

Before James started the company, he had been working in the beauty industry for over a decade. He had a stable and rising career in the industry. During his long tenure, he traveled to 24 countries, gaining extensive experience in product knowledge, marketing, operations, and sales. But his passion and purpose became a loud calling that he wanted to pursue. He then decided to leave the company and fulfill his life-long dream of creating a sustainable brand with his family top of mind.

James ultimately created his business for his wife, Alicia, who had extremely sensitive skin and had difficulty finding skin care that was suitable for her skin type. Being born and raised in South Korea, Alicia was used to using high-quality skin care. When she first came to the USA after marrying James, and having to switch to other skincare brands, Alicia began experiencing skin problems. Using his background, both personal and professional, as a Korean American, James sourced natural, safe, effective, and on-trend ingredients from South Korea which are now manufactured locally and sold in the USA.

He then named the brand after their first daughter and made it his personal mission to give THEM and YOU the best possible products.

At Clara's New York, we promise..

Our Philosophy

We operate around a simple, straightforward belief to create radiant and beautiful skin with natural, skin-loving ingredients. We work with highly trained chemists to create innovative and effective formulas made for all skin types – from sensitive to combination to acne-prone.

Our Commitment

While each bottle contains a product that works wonders on varying levels to improve skin, all it takes is a few drops to reap the benefits. Through our luxury-quality products, we continue to deliver pure, safe, natural skin care that do more work for your skin, so you don’t have to.