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Hello, Hybrid!

We use nano-emulsion technology to formulate our products to help improve the delivery of active ingredients into your skin.

Each of our hybrid layering serums are infused with Vitamin E and are then formulated through ongoing research and development to incorporate other botanical extracts and natural ingredients that target specific skin conditions.

Our single ingredient facial creams are a testament to how empowering simple, natural ingredients can be for your skin. Together, each create a straightforward formula that our community relies on.

I dedicate this brand to my wife and daughters to create a better world through beauty innovations and research where beauty is clean, safe, natural, and limitless.

- James Jo, Founder and CEO

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We believe that achieving glowing skin does not need to involve harsh chemicals – which is why our products will make your skin healthy and beautiful though natural methods and skin-loving ingredients.

All our products are 94% to 100% natural.
We are Leaping Bunny Certified.
We offer a wide variety of vegan skincare items.
We do not use any harsh chemicals in any of our products.
We are the only Korean beauty brand with all products made in USA.
We are a veteran-owned organization with NaVOBA certified.

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