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Hello, Hybrid! Clara’s New York’s Multi-Functional Layering Serums Make Your Skincare Regimen Effortless

Hello, Hybrid! Clara’s New York’s Multi-Functional Layering Serums Make Your Skincare Regimen Effortless

The Korean-Inspired, American veteran-owned skincare line sources clean, botanical ingredients to make luxury-quality products to soothe skin inside and out

Clara’s New York operates around a simple, straightforward belief to create radiant, beautiful-looking skin with natural, skin-loving ingredients. At the core of its product line are its hybrid facial serums that multitask as much as you do to nourish, rejuvenate, smooth and heal your skin while you go about your life. After all, we multitask enough as it is, right!

The advanced multifunctional products are each infused with Vitamin E oil and are then formulated through ongoing research and development to incorporate other botanical-derived and natural ingredients that target specific skin conditions. While each bottle contains a product that works wonders on varying levels to improve skin, all it takes is a few drops to reap the benefits.

Clara’s New York was founded in 2018, three years after James Jo launched parent company, Symphony Beauty, which is the only K-beauty brand with products made in the U.S. Jo is a former Marine Corps veteran who worked in cosmetics and traveled to more than two dozen countries before creating his company in honor of his then-pregnant wife. Through its luxury-quality products, Clara’s continues to deliver pure, safe, natural serums that do more work for your skin, so you don’t have to.

Our Four Pillars:

  1. Naturally-Sourced Ingredients: They create consciously-sourced and nutritiously dense superfood blends and pair them with scientifically backed up activesto deliver your skin what it truly craves.
  2. Animals Are Not Ingredients: Clara’s commitment begins with formulas that are cruelty-freeand natural. Being Leaping Bunny certified, they guarantee efficacy and top-notch quality, always.
  3. One World, One Love: Being in a business of consumption, Clara’s strives to change by knowing that we can do much more and much better. They strive to use eco-friendly ingredients and take part in movements that help our world become a better place.
  4. Giving Back: Being a proudly owned Veteran-beauty brand, Clara’s and its parent company strongly believe in giving back to their beloved community one by donating 1% of all sales to our troops.


Clara’s New York’s bestsellers include its Moisturizing Rosehip serum, Brightening Vitamin C serum, Strengthening Collagen, Advanced Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Stimulating Retinol.

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