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Clara’s New York Showcases New Moisturizers at IECSC New York 2022

Clara’s New York Showcases New Moisturizers at IECSC New York 2022

As the health and wellness industries return to a “newer normal,” IECSC in New York will be hosting leading brands in the spa and cosmetics realm starting this Sunday, March 13, 2022. As one of the first US-based K-Beauty brands, Clara’s New York is set to display at booth 128.

Clara’s New York will be presented at this year’s conference with our prestige skincare line of products that are made with minimal ingredients for maximum effectiveness. The plant extracts we use are some of the most resilient and hard-working botanicals, conditioned to increase strength as well as preserve and protect your skin. We believe in achieving a glowing look without involving harsh chemicals.

Natural and clinical-grade skin care is the core of Clara’s New York - whether you are looking for anti-aging moisturizers that prevent sun damage, blends of tea tree oil for anti-inflammatory purposes, or simply facial serums with effective multi-vitamins, our brands’ line of beauty products are clean, safe, natural, and cruelty-free.

To learn more about how to achieve a glowing complexion as we move into the warmer months, stop by booth 128 and discover the pure bliss of our skin care!

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